Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well this is my first blog experience but I wanted to have an easy way for anyone interested to see some pictures and read the story on my piebald whitetail buck that I was lucky enough to take on opening morning of rifle season. We captured this buck on our trail cameras several times over the summer and early fall and were hoping that we would get an oppurtunity at this unique animal. I was sitting in an elevated box stand overlooking a recent cutover that is surrounded by green pasture and hardwood patches on both sides, pretty typical for Bedford County, VA. I spotted something moving through a green pasture about 500 yards from my stand around 6:30 making his way into a patch of hardwoods. I could not make out what it was since the sun had not quite made it's way up yet. Once the sun peaked over the ridge behind me I could see the large white patches on his sides and knew this had to be the buck we had been looking for. He was heading for a known bedding area of thick pines that adjoins the patch of hardwoods and showed no signs of stopping so I had to take him while he was on the move. I ranged him at 228 yards with my laser rangefinding scope, led him just to the front of his shoulder and squeezed the trigger. He dropped in his tracks and I almost fell out my chair. I found later that I had made a perfect heart shot that entered just behind his leading shoulder. His outside spread is 22", inside spread is 20" and had a total of eight points. It was a very warm morning/day so we didn't take the time to weigh him before field dressing him but I estimate he was around 180 pounds. Here are a few pics to get things started.


  1. wow!! that is some opening day!! so happy for you :)

  2. So glad you got this one, this was a great way to start rifle season. Sure am glad you didn't fall out of the stand. :)

  3. You are just a stupid fuck. You called it a ' unique animal' by your self. But you shot it?! Stupid americans. The world would be better of without you all.